Putem sa vorbim despre mancare, viata, oameni si sport mult si bine. Insa trebuie sa intelegem ca suntem peste 7 miliarde de metabolisme diferite. Nu suntem toti la fel. Personalizarea stilului de viata reprezinta cheia succesului si reusitei atunci cand, ca specialist reformezi pacientul catre o noua directie.


Un nou inceput!

Multumesc intregii echipe Cardio Mix, si in primul rand domnului Mihai Dragomir cel care a scos untul din noi, cel care ne-a sustinut mereu si ne motiva “hai ca dau o tava de mici la final”, cel alaturi de care simteam “ploaia” in sala de antrenament si simteam ca zburam pe unele miscari, cel care avea grija mereu sa nu ne accidentam, cel care a facut 5 concurenti sa simta intr-adevar ca traiesc si sa vada ce e cel mai important in viata si anume sanatatea “Dumnezeu a facut omul sa se miste , sa simta ca traieste …“. A fost o experieta de neuitat din care am invatat enorm , am descoperit un nou stil de viata mult mai sanatos in care fast-food urile nu exisita, un nou stil de viata in care pot sa si zbor daca vreau… daca nu ma credeti incercati Cardio mix!!! – Razvan Ionascu.


” I wonder what are we going to do today? What more Professor Dragomir has prepared us? Not a single class is like the other, no movement in the gym is random but is the result of the thought and work of a man who aims to do nothing but good to other people. I try to work the best I can because I’m sure that professor’s motivation comes mostly from the results he has obtained with me and each of us who came into the gym. Every drop of sweat that falls on the floor and every centimeter, every kilogram lost or gained where it should be, every muscle that tenses bolder or timid are all reasons to rejoice and continue what we have started. Staying or going? I choose to go further! The inventors are free to invent any technical prodigy they can think of but I know that anyone cannot reinvent me. I still want to run from now on the experiment with boiling water at 100 ° C preparing my coffee each morning. And this until at about 90 years of age! And I will invite Mister Professor too! Tomorrow I have another workout … Because I have started to be able to do: another step, another push-up, another lifting … Daiana, 48 years old. PS: ” Mister Professor ‘’is called Mihai Dragomir, and somehow is simply my way of saying every time’ ‘Thank you’. And I’m sure he knows that.” by Daiana



”I used to have a series of health problems and I was looking for a solution. Mihai Dragomir proved to be the most appropriate and beneficial solution for me and my problems. I have chosen Cardio Mix because I had needed and I still need a special and personalized program, and for doing things the right way it requires working with a specialist. Cardio Mix style achievements are many, among them are: a better knowledge and a better understanding of the body, solving health problems and I honestly never thought I could find a solution, more strength and confidence , balance, a healthy lifestyle etc. There were several steps that I have taken together with Mihai Dragomir, from changes in the muscles, in the functioning of vital organs, to the balance, relaxation and mental strength. It was and still is a battle with myself for which I prepare myself with a team of specialists. There are very few life experiences that leaves you speechless. My experience with Cardio Mix & Mihai Dragomir is one of them. To understand, to know, to balance, to give are just mere few words that in my view best characterize the team Cardio Mix & Mihai Dragomir. ”- Veronica Nicolae Mc Cann Erickson


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